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Bambo Nature Diapers

I’m a firm believer that all diapers really do depend on the baby. I think many have good [and bad] qualities so I won’t bore you with a debate between huggies + pampers or honest + babyganics – I simply just want to share a new brand of diapers I’ve fallen in love with. Bambo Nature.

Though I’d love to say someday we’ll try the whole cloth diaper thing – for us – for now - disposable was and just has been our way to go.

Diaper importance comes down to two things for me [besides avoiding a horrific and terrifying skin reaction]




There’s nothing I can’t stand more than when a diaper seems to trap or restrict Sawyer’s movement so stretch is huge, especially around the legs. I love that there is plenty of elasticity in the back and throughout the bottom of Bambos and the softness is felt from the second you touch them. They are smooth, almost fuzzy-soft - and they are C O M F Y // & from someone who spends 93% of their life in pajama and yoga pants – I know what comfy is. [Though obviously I’m not wearing them - everything that sawyer wears is also something I'd put myself in so I guess - like, I’d wear these if they made them in my size – you know, if I needed diapers] too weird? You get it.

They held up fantastically with my 13-hour-a-night-sleeper and had not one leak – (which had begun happening frequently even with my go-to huggies) They latch easily with a non sticky grip tab and she doesn’t pick at them like she does with honest.

Sawyer has always had slightly sensitive skin but these haven’t bothered her one bit. I have nothing bad to say about huggies but I’ve always sorta put out of my mind that they weren’t ‘all natural.’ Knowing that Bambo is 100% all natural and organic, free of chlorine, chemicals, perfumes, optical brighteners & lotions – makes them win for me 100 times over. There’s no reason I wouldn’t choose them.

Lastly – get ready to laugh and call me superficial but they are | a l l w h i t e |

I can’t explain why my heart craves white but it does – it wants white – why? No idea. Maybe its trendy – probably not. I think I’m just obsessed with the color in my soul. Simplicity and cleanliness goes with it for me and although I suppose I could argue that cute prints are sweet too - there’s nothing uglier [to me] than a giant Mickey Mouse on my babes butt peeking through her white tights under her Sunday dress.

I might be crazy for caring about their “whiteness” but it's just an added bonus and I know I’m not the only one who likes a plain, invisible diaper.

Thrilled to have discovered them.

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