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Sylvia Path says, “Some things are hard to write about. After something happens you go to write it down and either you over dramatize it or underplay it, exaggerate the wrong parts or ignore the important ones. At any rate you never write it quite the way you want it.”


Such is life isn’t it? How beautiful and complicated and painful and wonderful and heart aching and amazing it is. All of those things. all. of. the. time.


I know that it would be impossible to write about my life in a way that I could capture every moment in its exact state || the way I so badly wish I could. But instead I write it as I can. This is what my story is. Pieces of my life. Written and shared for myself || for my friends + family || for my memories and for my future || and for anyone who wants to walk along in this journey with me.


I am a mother and a wife. The two best titles I have ever been.


My husband is an unreal, patient, loving, smokin' hot hilarious and out of this world man who I am slightly obsessed with. Our daughter is the best parts of both of us and I am equally and more obsessed with her. We currently live in Seattle, Washington and I am a stay at home mother. However, I find it impossible to stay away from my love of design + styled shooting.


We travel often and won't be stopping anytime soon. Our hearts are in many places and continue to grow as we add new cities to our list of what we used to call home. Texas, Nebraska, Montana and now Washington. I hope we never stop.


I whole heartedly believe you can not have enough photos and maybe in some ways I hang on too tighly to capturing the moments of our life in front of my camera - but I'll never put it down. I want to feel the moments of my life as they happen and, as much as I can, relive them from the photographs I create. I want to feel emotion every time I look back on the stories my prints will tell.


I am so happy that you have found me and taken a minute [or 10] to read my words. It means more to me than you know. Incase this wasn't absolutely too much already and you want more, feel free to find me on Insta where I over-gram daily [I told you I'm obsessed] and share more about this incredibly wonderful and challenging life that we're all just doing our best to make the most of as mamas, wives, daughters, sisters and followers of Jesus.


||THANK YOU for visiting 


 xo kimberly noel hildebrand



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