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sawyer + june

I kept expecting some epic first post to flow from me with ease. Pressure tends to freeze me. So, after months and months of sitting on my blog I'm finally pressing go - saying yes - going for things even before they're ready | even before I feel ready | and starting something I've been wanting - but too afraid to do - for too long. This is no epic post I promise, but I'll tell you where Sawyer and June came from.

Shocker of the obvious - my daughter's name is Sawyer. I know, real creative. But shes my heart -and a part of everything I do. June is the wild card - but its meaning for me is endless.

Both my husband and I share June as a birth month. So naturally its my favorite month of the year. [but in Decemeber I'll tell you thats my favorite too] Taylor and I have always talked about June being a possible baby name so maybe I'll give that three percent of the reason.

Early in our dating life Taylor and I idolized Johnny and June's passion. Sharing love for Johnny Cash songs, Taylor was Johnny - I was June.

Oddly enough we actually share the same wedding anniversary || March 1st. [I promise that wasn't planned we are not t h a t obsessed]

And lastly, June's orginal meaning is special on its own. I wont bore you with a history lesson, you'll just have to trust me that June derives from an old meaning relating to that of love and marriage.

As a whole I suppose June signifies the rest of my life in some ways. It includes my marriage, my husband, [maybe future babies?] And some parts of me - of all of us. This is a blog about my life, my family and my journey. I always thought there would be some wild, emotially moving and legendary name. Maybe it is. But this it. Welcome to Sawyer and June.


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