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When Whitney texted me and asked if Taylor and I would be willing to do a styled wedding shoot with her and the amazing Calla Bridal I was thrilled. But 6 weeks later, countless rain delays and changes - it turned into something I'll never be able to fully describe in a way that brings to life what this day became.

The shoot date ended up falling a week before our anniversary and somewhere along the way we decided to write one another letters to read during it. Jokingly teasing about our "wedding day" but never intending it to become a formal vow renewal. I think thats what made it so special - its unintentional emotion allowed it to be something we never really could have planned.

Simply, we dressed up, felt the emotions of what it was like to be a bride and groom again and expressed our love to one another, years later - in the quietness of the beach with just an iPhone playlist of our favorite music, the waves, and the wind.

I'd write paragraphs on my love for him if I thought somebody would read it but I'm trying to rein it in. I know, in the big picture of things, we know very little about marriage. But it doesn't feel like that.

I know though, that all these laters - if staring at him on a day thats not our wedding day - and feeling as giddy, as excited, as full of the 'pee-my-pants-scream-in-my-room-after-our-first-date' kind of emotion STILL erupting inside of me - then we must have gotten something right.

I've just, I've just loved him for so long. He's the kind of man I look heavy at, with puffy water-filled eyes and imagine being so lucky that someday we will have loved each other into the years of being closer to 100 than when we met at 20. A lifetime, surely in the wrinkles we will have.

Whitney so sweetly took some secret video clips of us and surprised me that night. I had no idea. Sharing those soon. Irreplaceable for sure, all of these photos and moments. Thank you Whitney McGuire.

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