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I started writing, all ready to talk about the few baby items I can't and couldn't have lived without since Sawyer was born - the things I've used and needed everyday since day one - but that would imply I've known everything since day one. Because thats totally me.

Also exactly how motherhood is. We all know just what we need, before we need it. None of us ever have to try anything and fail at it or go a few weeks - or months - or years - with the wrong thing or without the right thing or with nothing until we find something, or stumble on a n y t h i n g or just freaking figure something out that we wish we'd known all along.

I've got a few things that I've been using since day one and could not have lived without. Thats a little lie. If we really want to talk about things I couldn't have lived without I should mention my breasts and a pacifier and netflix and the costco sized bag of chocolate covered pomegranates.

But there are a few things I've loved since day one - and a few things I wish I had, plan to have, or have gotten recently and wish I had all along. They are :

1. Baby carrier

What I had:

Original ergo, Loved it - still love it. Its not for everyone but I've carried her in it since day one. like day 4. but its the one thing that I truly continue to use to this day and is very nice for all the walking we do in Seattle when we don't have space or ability to bring a stroller. It's a life saver at the airport and was especially handy for doing dishes and vacuuming when you can't put down the refusing-to-be-put-down baby.

Its also one of the few items I still use 2.5 years later. Up until about 6 months ago sawyer could still ride in it on my front but now I've switched her to my back because I no longer have that upper body strength and her head blocks me from seeing in front of me so.

Thing I wish I had:

A wrap. i tried the Happy Baby Wrap and planned to by one but never ended up ordering it, probably because I continued to tell myself I was going to - couldn't decide on a color - and then a year flashed by and she was way too big for the wrap so I just stuck to the ergo. Next baby - positively need a wrap for all the things. Would order it now but I still can't decide on a color.

2. Swaddles

Might be the only thing I can say I had from the start and will always need and love. All four seasons I find they have a perfect use. Little unicorn are my favorite, I love how soft they and they have to cutest print options. Sawyer was a July baby so they made the perfect summer blankets for me, but I've used them year round for almost everything. When she was tiny they were perfect for the obvious - but now I use them to toss over her for naps at the pool or beach in the summer or to block the sun in the car or stroller.

3. Stroller - and car seat cover

What I had + have now + wish I'd had sooner:

2 different strollers at first, the Graco click connect travel system and the Bob jogger. The Graco, though I'd choose over and over the uppa baby Vista from the start if I could only have one, it was a great set for the first few months. Any stroller that has the ability to allow a car seat that snaps into it effortlessly without a million parts or a big bulky stroller is the best. I loved being able to grab the wheel frame and just snap the car seat in and go. Sawyer stayed small enough to be in her infant seat until about 16 months and I savored every day of being able to keep her snug in there sleeping without having to take her out like I do now.

The Bob is my favorite jogger and for long walks, the beach, or places with really rough terrain I'd never choose anything else. We never bought the car seat adapter for that so we didn't have that option but none the less its a great stroller because it really does almost everything, and makes me feel like I'm a runner - you know the whole mile or so I jog once a year.

All of these things I've mentioned can be found on a great little site I love shopping at called Baby Cubby. They have almost every product I've ever used or needed and all of my favorite brands. I've yet to need something they didn't have and they price match to anywhere, including amazon - and have free shipping.

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